Hair and Beauty Buys - Ordered product in July 2013 never received product but they charged my discover card $57.26!!


I placed my order from on July 22, 2013.I received an e-mail saying the charge on my credit card would display as Hair & Beauty Buys and all orders have a 2-3 business day handling time.

It's October 9, 2013 and I still have not received my order but they have my $57.26!! I have tried e-mailing them and have heard nothing, I also tried phone number 866-336-5351 and no one answers or returns my call after I leave a message.

I do not need the product I ordered elsewhere by now but it would be nice to have my money returned.What a Rip Off Company!!!

Review about: Hair Color.

Hair and Beauty Buys - Never Received Product


I placed an order the first week in January for some makeup and gave them my Visa number.I received an email "confirming receipt of my order," but that's the last I have heard from these people.

I have tried emailing and calling. They don't respond to emails and the phone just goes right to an answering machine. Messages don't get returned. It's now close to the end of March and I'm still waiting on my order.

The only good thing is, my card wasn't charged.I would advise anyone against ordering from this website, seems like a scam to me.

Hair and Beauty Buys - Bad customer service

Moyock, North Carolina 0 comments

I ordered a product from the company and did not receive any emails concerning the status of my order.I sent them several emails.and called customer service.

Of course nobody answered the phone. I left a message. I did not receive my order or receive any info from them. It is pretty sad when you get better service from people that sell things on ebay.

What happened to good customer service. Did the internet happen. You do not have to deal with people face to face anymore. Hair and beauty buys just sees customers not as a real person but a order or a number.

would they still be in business if they were a store front.Probably not.

Hair and Beauty Buys - Never Received Product, Filing Consumer Complaint

Los Angeles, California 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered product and never recieved it from have no phone number to reach them and they don't respond to emails.

I looked on line later and discovered that this is common practice with this company. I should have done my homework better from the start but now I am in the thick of it. I submitted a dispute claim with bank for the credit card charge and I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I suggest others follow suit.

It is an easy process.If everyone files a complaint on line something will be done with this horrible fraudulent busness.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #683430

Hair and beauty buys website is under construction and is not charging orders. so if you are placing orders and not recieving them you are also not being charged. Please file a complaint with your credit card company they will laugh at you when they can't find a charge from them.

Hair and Beauty Buys - Scam or What??

Clarksburg, West Virginia 1 comment
Not resolved

OK, so I was gonna get the Pravana Chroma Silk Red hair dye off this web site.Typed down my info, billing and stuff, and then printed the receipt.

On the web site it said "2-3 DAYS SHIPPING". It's been over 2 weeks I've been waiting. So I checked my bank and came to realize that it's never been purchased or anything. Like what the heck I've waited for nothing!?

I think this website might be a scam maybe, I don't know.So people, I would suggest you to NOT go on this web site, very unprofessional!

Review about: Pravana Chroma Silk Hair Dye.



You received a receipt and confirmation email?

Did you use a credit, debit or prepaid card? Some places will not accept prepaids.

Please keep me updated. Also, you can buy it off of eBay even without a PayPal account.

Keep me notified!

Hair and Beauty Buys - Order www.hairan​dbeautybuy​

Kissimmee, Florida 10 comments

I placed an order on 1-1-2012 with www.hairan"‹dbeautybuy"‹, and other than a confirmation email, heard nothing else from them.Their site promises shipment within 2-3 days and a link to check your order status.

The link has constently show a blank field for my order status. There is no phone number to call. I have sent three emails to the email address provided, with no response. It's been almost 3 weeks, and I have to monitor my credit card account to make sure a payment hasn't processed -which thank goodness it hasn't.

I emailed them today to cancel my order, but again no response.Don't buy from this site.


Chicago, Illinois, United States #683434

store excepts orders but you are not charged a processor is not attached to the store so you are not charged. the website is up but not processing payments


Do not buy from this company. I have never received product, can't contact them by phone, no response to emails. They are a scam and I am so angry that I was scammed by them.


More of the same here.I placed an order with and never got my package.

No info was provided from hairandbeautybuys as to what happened.

I have sent two emails and received no response.

Don't buy from this sham operation!


Ive emailed them twice asking about an order I placed over 3 WEEKS ago that still says PENDING SHIPPMENT and no response back. I guess i will have to cancel my credit card now :( ARGH I wish i had read these reviews before i placed an order with them. DO NOT ORDER FROM HAIR AND BEAUTY BUYS!!!!


Same here. I am canceling my credit card...


Ditto.Same thing.

Almost 3 weeks since order and nothing and no updates.

Definitely a sham.They didn't take the money though I don't feel comfortable with them having my credit card information!


Same thing here. No money was ever taken though, yet.


Same thing happened to me.Its been 3 weeks and every time I got to check their website, they require credentials to login...

Makes no sense!Annoyed.


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I placed an order in DECEMBER and NEVER received anything. FRAUD!


Going through the same thing!

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